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    ASEAN Medical Device Innovation Technology Summit 2021

    Start date:2021-09-29

    Organizer: Ringier Trade Media Ltd.

    Fax: +886-4-23107167

    email: brandonlin@ringier.com.hk

    End date:2021-09-29

    Location:Online (S.E. Asia)

    Tel: +886-4-23297318

    Website: http://pheedloop.com/AMDM2021/site/home/

    Exhibition Content

    Plastic and rubber equipment have been and more widely used in the medical field and are gradually applied in the production of medical supplies, medical equipment and healthcare products, with huge market potential. Recently, due to the change of seasons and the resurgence of the epidemic, the demand for medical supplies for epidemic prevention in various countries has increased. The good news is vaccines have passed the tests and are being mass produced. Hence, the demand for vials, syringes and other medical supplies is expected to expand in the near term - posting unlimited opportunities to those engaged in the medical supplies sector.

    News year: 2021     2020     2019

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