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    Reducing your environmental impact with cutting-edge packaging

    Start date:2021-09-02

    Organizer: Ringier Trade Media Ltd.

    Fax: +886-4-23107167

    email: daniellee@ringier.com.hk

    End date:2021-09-02

    Location:Online (S.E. Asia)

    Tel: +886-4-23297318

    Website: www.pheedloop.com/VEAP/site/home

    Exhibition Content

    In recent years, it has become necessary for manufacturers to reduce their environmental impact as part of their commitment to society. A major aspect they look at is their choice of packaging to minimize waste and to use resources more efficiently. This is especially critical in Asia which contributes nearly half of the world’s packaging waste, with single-use food and beverage packaging accounting for a high percentage.

    Recent surveys show that companies that invest in sustainable practices – and sustainable packaging in particular – attract more consumers to trust in their brands. Caring for people and the environment has become a huge contributor to brand loyalty. While it may take many steps to achieve, switching to sustainable packaging is the only path to take. Several innovations, from materials to machines, and processes, are now helping companies become more successful in this area.

    In this context, Ringier Events will hold the virtual conference, “Reducing Your Environmental Impact with Cutting-Edge Packaging” as a venue for packaging experts and manufacturers to discuss the trends and to present the solutions applicable especially to the region’s small and medium size companies.

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