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    Chung Tie Electricity Machinery

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    Company Name:Chung Tie Electricity Machinery

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    Area: 台湾台中市乌日区太明路成丰巷163-8号
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    Contact Person:Mr. HSU



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    • We are Chung Tie.  We are come from Taiwan !

      We specialize in the production of Steel Grating machine, Wire Fabric machine and Welding machine for over 45 years.

      We have a professional technical staff and work environment, in order to build the best machine to the customers who trust us.

      To build the best Welding Machine are our life-long responsibility, but we also treat customers as our family, no matter what the family problems, family always help each other. So, hope you can give us a chance to have a business relationship with you, no matter what machine you need , we will make you satisfied.

      Chung Tie. The way to work faster and better.”


      Major Business Metalworking Main Products
      Email Company Website http://www.chungtie.com/home.html
      Fax Company Address 台湾台中市乌日区太明路成丰巷163-8号

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