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    JUN-EN Enterprise Corp. (JEC / metal mesh & metal wire)

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    Company Name:JUN-EN Enterprise Corp. (JEC / metal mesh & metal wire)

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    Area: No.89 Bade 2nd Rd., Renwu Dist., Kaohsiung City 81453, Taiwan
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    Contact Person:Ms. Yang



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    • JUNEN is an expert of metal mesh fabricator and metal mesh machine manufacturer with over 30-year experience in Taiwan.  We provide various types of mesh belts, expanded metal, perforated metal, chain link fence, concertina razor barbed wire, barbed wire, welded mesh and its machineries. Our development in both finished products and machineries might be a challenging process, but the fruit is abundant.

      The irreplaceable production know-how we acquired as a metal mesh fabricator can be reflected on machine improvements.  Many of our customers give us positive feedback on user experience and consistency of machine efficiency and product quality.  Meanwhile, the most up-to-date and efficient technology of JUNEN machine benefits our mesh product customers for good quality and reasonable delivery time.

      welcome to our new website : http://www.junen.com.tw/en/about

      Video show : http://www.junen.com.tw/en/video

      welcome to our new Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/TAIWANJEC

      news http://www.junen.com.tw/en/news


      Major Business Metalworking,Medical & Pharmaceuticals Main Products
      Email Company Website www.junen.com.tw
      Fax Company Address No.89 Bade 2nd Rd., Renwu Dist., Kaohsiung City 81453, Taiwan

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